Trustineo Digital Marketplace

A Smart Contracting System

Trustineo is offering a UNIQUE, one-stop, digital smart contracting producer-to-buyer marketplace platform to help producers and buyers overcome the challenges and complexities of soft commodity buying.

The Trustineo Digital Marketplace is a scalable, innovative platform which responds to the need of the hour through re-imagining and transforming the food supply chain processes.

Our Services

Supplier of Agricultural Soft Commodities

Supply food ingredients, feed, fiber and industrial raw material. Our agricultural products are carefully selected by our experts and local partners meeting the highest international quality standards. We promote local transformation

Business Consulting and Advisory Service

Advise and support Singaporean, Asian and European companies to set up or trade in Africa. Similarly help African companies and producers to enter into Singaporean, Asian and European markets.

Digital & E-trading Platform

Electronic Trading Platform for bridging producers with buyers [SMEs/ end-consumers ] in Singapore and south-east Asia primarily. The platform provides full automation with online anywhere trading.

Our Mission

Win-Win Business

To bridge connections between Producers and Buyers in Singapore and rest of the world for a Win-Win Business by building trust and ensuring secure transactions.

Business Facilitation

To enable the Singaporean / Asian Companies & Investors to seamlessly penetrate and establish themselves in Africa as well as African and European entrepreneurs to invest in Singapore and the region.

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The TRUSTINEO’s highlights  in April 2022

The TRUSTINEO’s highlights in April 2022


10 May 2022
The month of April 2022 was marked with the further easing of Covid-19 rules in Singapore, reducing restrictions at recreational areas and workplaces, and resumption of international travel. This will pave the way for a good macroeconomic outlook 🚀🚀🚀 by helping to attract more foreign direct investments.
However, due to the war, domestic inflation pressures, rising global commodity prices are bringing more challenges. So there is a strong need to find alternative food supply sources.
This is where Trustineo Marketplace comes in !! By bringing solutions responding to the needs of the hour.

Trustineo e-Trading Platform, a new milestone successfully reached ! 👍

Trustineo e-Trading Platform, a new milestone successfully reached ! 👍


3 September 2020
Very proud to announce that this week we kicked-off the development of the TRUSTINEO Digital Agricultural Commodity Trading Platform, a revolution and a new alternative for commodity trading connecting African countries with the rest of the world.


Singaporean based company with African and European roots


FAIR and Win-Win Business

Direct connection with Clients eliminating middlemen charging a premium and result in a win-win solution



highest Quality Standards

We are committed to the highest Quality Standards, we work with inspection, verification, testing and certification multinational companies like Katoen Natie and SGS



Product Transformation

Our vast networks and expertise cover all aspects of product transformation and supply chain

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