Trustineo Digital Marketplace

Trustineo Digital Marketplace

Trustineo is offering a UNIQUE, one-stop, digital smart contracting producer-to-buyer marketplace platform to help producers and buyers overcome the challenges and complexities of soft commodity buying.

I am a/an....

Who is it for?

Agricultural producers

Agricultural Producers

Agricultural buyers

Agricultural Buyers

Third party agents

Third Party Agents

(Quality inspectors, shipment agents, transportation agents,etc)

What are its key features?

Marketplace listing of agricultural produce by verified producers

Aggregation of orders across
multiple producers & buyers, across different markets

Contracts feature

Formation & execution of
contracts between producers and buyers

Transparent & secure feature

Transparent & secure transactions

Overview of sales & orders feature

Overview of sales & orders for

Management and overview feature

Management and overview of
all aspects of the supply chain

web-based and mobile-based feature

Both web-based and mobile-based

…and many more!

What are its key benefits?


Digital & Automated

Digital formation and execution of contracts


Market Accessibility

Greater access to untapped markets worldwide


Trade anytime, anywhere

Transact in remote locations


Security & Transparency

Network of trustworthy partners & transparent overview of supply chain



Better management of inventories & grouping of orders



Diversification of products’ source of origins, standardisation of supply chain & promotion of local transformation